NSX Controller

show hostname (Displays the hostname of the controller)

show status (Displays version and build, uptime, load average, memory usage and disk filesystem usage)

show version (Displays controller version and build number)

show disk-latency-alert config (Displays alert enabled true or false, low and high watermark settings)

show logs (Displays a list of log files)

show network default-gateway (Displays the default gateway of the controller)

show network dns-servers (Displays nameserver settings)

show network routes (Displays the controller routing table)

show network ntp-servers (Displays NTP server address)

show network ntp-status (Displays NTP status)

show network interfaces (Displays interface name, address and subnet, MTU, Admin-Status and Link-Status)

show control-cluster status (Show active cluster members, configured cluster members and if controller is master or not. Join status, Majority status, Restart Status, Cluster ID and Node UUID)

show control-cluster core stats (Displays messages received and transmitted, connections up and down)

show control-cluster history (Shows controller events)

show control-cluster management address (Displays controller management IP address)

show control-cluster roles (Displays roles running on the controller and whether they are Master or not)

show control-cluster startup-nodes (Displays IP addresses for all other NSX controllers)

show control-cluster logical-routers instance all (Displays LR-Id, LR-Name, In-Sync and Service-Controller IP)

show control-cluster logical-routers connections 0x1389 (Show connections for logical-router ID 0x1389. Displays Id, IP address, Version and Sync-State)

show control-cluster logical-routers interface-summary 0x1389 (Show interface summary for logical-router ID 0x1389. Displays Interface, Type, Id and IP address)

show control-cluster logical-routers routes 0x1389 (Show interface summary for logical-router ID 0x1389. Displays Destination, Next-Hop and Preference)

show control-cluster logical-switches vni 5000 (Show VNI, Controller IP, BUM-Replication, ARP-Proxy and Connections)

show control-cluster logical-switch connection-table 5000 (Hosts connected to this controller for VNI 5000. Displays Host-IP, Port and ID)

show control-cluster logical-switches vtep-table 5000 (Show connected NTEPs for VNI 5000. Displays VNI, VTEP IP, VTEP Segment, MAC Address, Connection-ID, IS-Active and Out-Of-Sync status)

show control-cluster logical-switches mac-table 5000 (Show MAC addresses registered on VNI 5000. Displays VNI, MAC Address, VTEP-IP, Connection-ID)

show control-cluster logical-switches arp-table 5000 (Show ARP records for VNI 5000)

restart system (Reboots the controller)

shutdown system (Shuts down and powers off the controller via the NSX cli)

ping (Ping IP address

traceroute (traceroute to IP address

watch control-cluster history (This is a live view of the controllers history within the NSX cli. Displays date and event logged)

watch log audit/audit.log (This is a live view of the audit.log. Use the command watch logs to get a list of all available logs)

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